Custom Carpentry Work

The math is simple: when you call in a carpenter to handle a job for you, you expect the job to be customized to your needs. You didn't say you wanted your entire kitchen overhauled; you just wanted new shelves. You didn't ask for a slight repair on your door, you asked for a new door!

It's this level of customization that separates MountainWood Construction from the other companies you call.

Carpentry isn't about assembly-line work and predictability. It's about solid craftsmanship that takes your home and specifications into account, making sure that each new piece of your home fits in with your aesthetics.

After all, if you wanted something else, you wouldn't call the custom carpenters!

These days, it's uncommon to see a "house call" approach to business. But we take that approach with our customers, making sure to listen to their individual wants and needs and design a project that conforms to their whim, not ours. What good is custom carpentry without the "custom" involved?

Be sure to get in touch with MountainWood Construction to learn more about custom carpentry and the different solutions we offer. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, so don't be afraid to ask us outright: how can we help you? How much do we charge? What will it take for you to get an estimate? The best customer is one that knows what he or she wants and is willing to communicate that with their custom carpenter.

Typical Carpentry Projects: