Custom Patio Covers & Enclosures

You've worked hard on your patio, or at least your wallet has, and you need it protected from extreme weather.

From rain to snow to hail to sun, you need to protect your patio – and your guests – from the elements.

We know the consequences of poor patio maintenance because we've seen it first hand. But how do we understand our customers' needs so well? Because here at MountainWood Construction, we make matching our customers' patio needs a high priority.

It's not enough to slap a tarp over your furniture or let your wood rot over several years, assuming that the wear and tear of regular weather won't be a problem "for decades." If you've got a beautiful patio and want to keep it beautiful, we're your guys.

Protecting your patio well is about more than keeping it look good. It's about protecting your investment. Whether you purchased the home as-is or made the patio yourself, the wood and furniture you leave outdoors needs custom covers and enclosures for easy and effective protection from the elements.

Talk to us here at MountainWood to learn more about custom patio covers and enclosures and how you can work with us to find a creative solution that you can actually – get this – afford!

Trust us with protecting your patio and we won't let you down. You'll get more years out of your patio and will recoup more money if you ever decide to sell your home. After all, proper home maintenance is simply sound financial common sense.