Fencing Installation (All Fence Types)

Your fence is the gateway to your property, and it's often the first thing your neighbors see. No matter how great your house looks, it won't appeal to others if it's sitting behind the wrong kind of fence – or worse, a run-down fence that should have been taken out years ago.

What category do you fall under? At MountainWood Construction, we handle fences of all types – whether you need extensive repairs on a chain link fence or a new picket fence installed along your property, we're the people to see.

Call us if you need any of the following types of fences:

Whether you simply want an upgrade to your landscaping or true fixed fortification to keep out pests and keep dogs in, MountainWood Construction is the company to call. We bring the same level of commitment to client satisfaction to every job, whether we're repairing a fence for a single-family home or installing a fence around an industrial-sized property. When it comes to your fencing, aren't those the kind of people you want to work with?