Property Rehab Specialist Seeking Real Estate Rehab Investor

Rick Helbig


My name is Rick Helbig, a General Contractor with over 20 years experience as a Property Rehab Specialist. I am looking to form a partnership with an investor whose interest is in buying distressed properties to be rehabbed and sold for top dollar.

As a professional rehab specialist, I am fully qualified to handle your entire home rehabbing needs. I have the expertise and experience to take your project from the start to its completion. I have all the necessary tools to produce a perfect job. I can also give you advice and ideas for your project.

It is worth hiring a Rehab Specialist as you will reap the benefits of having a good home rehabbing job done. You don't want to have problems a few months later.

Property Rehab Services:

Preparing the Property to Sell for Top Dollar

When getting the property ready to Sell, it is important to decide which items will give you the most bang for your buck. To make sure you don't spend needless money and yet get the things done that will make the property stand out.

After all necessary functional repairs and remodeling work has been done; we can also assist with the additional factors that contribute to the overall curb appeal and salability of the home.

Here is my checklist to make the house more appealing to potential buyers:

First Impressions Sell!

Exterior Appeal
General Exterior

Curb appeal is a major factor in selling a home. Prospective buyers will react favorably to signs that your home has been meticulously maintained.


While agents work the lock box for keys or wait for you to answer the door, buyers have idle time to notice details you might not normally notice.

Interior Appeal

Once inside, we must reaffirm the buyers curbside decision. Think about the last time you looked at a model home and the things that appeared in the home and on the counters.

Clean, Clear, Light, And Bright

Warm and Homey

If you are an investor, with an interest in buying distressed properties to be rehabbed and sold for top dollar, we need to talk!

Contact me (Rick Helbig) to discuss the possibilities!

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